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SSL Certificates
SSL Certificate

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the cryptography standard for authentication and communications privacy over the internet. Your customers can have confidence their private information is secure when they see your store Web address starting with "https://..." This means SSL has been activated.

Do I need SSL for my Website?

Not all sites need SSL, but if you are collecting sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, many people will abandon your site if https://.. is not visible.

SSL and e-Stores

We provide shared SSL to all of our e-Store merchants for no extra charge. Your e-Store will activate SSL-mode when a customer clicks on the checkout button. Since our SSL Certificate is shared by multiple merchants and is owned by SwiftSite, you will see the name "SwiftSite" as part of the checkout Web address. The SSL Certificate works seamlessly with your Website and is activated automatically when you signup with SwiftSite.

How to Obtain Your Own SSL Certification

For enhanced branding purposes, you can purchase your own SSL Certificate. With your own SSL, your customers will be presented only with your domain name. To many merchants, the consistent branding is important. In terms of overall security, there is no difference between the Shared SSL and having your own.