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Data Security

Keeping you and your customers secure with our data administration

We look at data security from two perspectives. First, customer transactions in your e-Store must be done securely. If your customers feel that their credit card information could be compromised, they will abandon your e-Store and buy elsewhere. Second, once orders are placed, what happens to the data from that point on is equally as important, both for you and your customers. This is what we call data administration.

We have recently been recognized and awarded for our high level of security standards and practices with credit card and order information.

Trusted Commerce

Customer Transactions in Your e-Store

Full HTTPS/SSL Support

All our e-Store plans include 128-bit SSL Security by default. With this feature, the transfer of data is encrypted and your customer is protected from having their information "sniffed" by hackers. The default certificate we provide is shared, meaning that at checkout your customers will see "https://" along with your store name in conjunction with the iHost name. You can purchase your own SSL Certificate if you'd prefer. This will enable you to see your domain name exclusively through the checkout process.

Data Administration

Secure Administration

When you log into your control panel for administrative purposes, you will be protected by SSL in the same manner your customers are protected when ordering.

Limited Access - Password-protected Admin. Area

It is likely that more than one person will need to access your e-Store for administrative purposes. Administrators can have their own usernames and passwords. Additionally, you can limit different Administrator's access to certain areas. For example, a person can be given access to manage the Skins component of the e-Store, but not have access to the areas where the customer data is stored.

Database Location

We physically separate the server that runs our e-stores from the database that stores you and your customer's information. The database runs on hardware that is not connected to the internet. This means that it would be virtually impossible for a hacker to access customer data on your e-Store from the internet. Surprisingly, many of our "shopping cart competitors" store customer data in same location the e-store is run from. The e-store is exposed to the internet and, for the savvy hacker, so is the user data.