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Stop Spammers Before They Can Start!

Have you ever wondered how spammers get a hold of e-mail addresses? The most common way is to scan the public "Whois" information for your domain. Once they know your contact information, it will be sold from one spammer to the next and you will be inundated with unwanted e-mails.

To combat this problem we are pleased to offer the SwiftSite Whois Privacy Protector. The Whois Privacy Protector will mask your contact information using a rotating email address. The address connects to your real email account but is befuddling to spammers. If the information is "scanned" from your public Whois information, it will be of no use to the spammer because by the time they can email to that address, we will have changed it. Most importantly, none of your personal contact information will ever be displayed to the spammer! We replace any of your information with Whois Privacy Protection company information and address.

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Keep yourself invisible to spammers! Order Privacy Protector today for only $15 per year!

Example Whois:

Before Privacy Protector
(Your Company's info)

With Privacy Protector

Organization: Golden Financial Whois Privacy Protection Inc.
First Name: Frederica Whois
Last Name: Golden Agent
Address 1: Golden Financial Corp. PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St.
Address 2: 300 Main c/o*
City: Kirkland Bellevue
State: WA WA
Zip Code: 98033 98007
Country: US US
Phone: 425-555-5555 +1.4252740657
Fax: 425-555-5555 +1.4256960234
Email Address:
*This allows for you to still get mail if sent to you, if legitimate.