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Getting Started:
Setting up Your e-Store!

A few simple steps and you are ready to open your store!

Take a minute to read through this step-by-step guide to understand the start up process and see how easy it is to start your own e-store with us.

Step 1: Sign Up!

Select a plan: SwiftSite offers 3 plan levels to merchants. You are able to pick the plan that best fits the amount of products you plan to sell. Click to go to plan details

Pick a domain: This is essentially your website's address. If you already have a domain, you are welcome to continue to use it and/or select another.

Follow our, easy-to-use, Sign Up Wizard to create your account.
*Once your sign up is complete, you are immediately sent an email containing all of your access and Set up information.

Click to Sign Up Now!

...Now, you are ready to go to your e-store!

Step 2: Create Categories

The categories of your e-store should all correspond to the products you plan to sell. Your categories could be anything from function, type, brand, color, etc. Create these categories as a way to organize your products. This provides an easy way for your user to browse through your store without knowing which specific product they want or need. For example, if you are selling music CDs some categories you may have could include: Classical, Rock, Jazz, 70's, 60's, Artists or Other. These can be as broad as you like and/or you can have subcategories.

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Step 3: Add Products

Assign all of your products to categories. Some of your products may be in more than one category. With the CD example, you may place the CD you are selling under the appropriate genre, price and artist category.

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Step 4: Select e-Store template

Your e-store Skin is a template that determines the design and look of your store. There are a variety of skins with different color schemes, graphics and overall appearance of your store. If you already have a store logo, you may choose a skin that coordinates well.

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Step 5: Design homepage layout

Using our design wizard, you are able to personalize and control what content you would like on your homepage, this is what is featured and where it all is placed. For example, you can have images or information about you in the center, category lists, grids, and/or an area that rotates featured products on the right, with a search box and a mailing list sign up on the left side.

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Step 6: Setup payment & shipping options

Select which forms of payments you would like to accept (Paypal, credit cards, telephone, fax, etc.). Also, select shipping options that are available. This includes, FedEx, UPS, US Postal, which of their services are offered, any fees you will charge, and tracking features.

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Step 7: Contact information, terms & conditions and policies

You are able to customize how you would like to be contacted by your customers, specify your terms and conditions and establish your policies for shipping, returns and privacy. We do provide you with a standard terms & conditions, and privacy policy for your e-store. You can edit and add elements to these policies, along with your return policy and shipping policy.

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